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New AlexStar® DUO for epilation

High-power laser AlexStar® DUO to be presented at Dubai Derma 2023 – The modern laser workstation for hair removal – Wavelength mix for treatment of all areas & skin types – PowerLine handpiece series for individual treatment results – 360° skin cooling for a gentle feeling treatment – Numerous accessories and remote maintenance service for 100 % satisfaction.

JENA, Deutschland, 1. März 2023 – Asclepion Laser Technologies

has been operating as a leader in the aesthetic laser medicine market for over 45 years. Constant new developments make Asclepion a standout in the optical industry. Today, the company announces the launch of its latest laser system, AlexStar® DUO, which will be showcased at Dubai Derma from 01 to 03 March 2023. Initially sold in the Middle East, the product will soon be available worldwide.

Premium hair removal for all skin types

Two wavelengths – one goal. The AlexStar® DUO combines the wavelengths 760 nm and 1060 nm for optimal hair removal results. The specially developed combination enables optimal treatment results in all areas, from face to back, and for all skin types (I – VI). With a power of up to 5,000 watts and a spot size of 3 cm , both fine and thick hairs, small and large areas can be treated and thanks to the selected 760 nm wavelength, particularly deep melanin absorption is achieved so that all hair and skin types can be epilated. The SmoothPulse mode allows short pulses to be delivered at a high frequency of up to 20 Hz. This ensures absolutely individual treatment options – fast, precise and powerful.

PowerLine handpieces with super-homogeneous laser spot

It is not without reason that the new AlexStar® DUO stands for maximum power. Its “PowerLine” handpiece series helps it to live up to its image: highest quality, efficiency and maximum performance at all levels. The handpieces are equipped with a unique technology that enables an even distribution of energy over the entire spot, thus preventing the formation of hot spots and reducing the risk of side effects. Complementing this, all PowerLine handpieces have integrated 360 degree skin contact cooling and automatically monitor the cooling temperature at all times. For a carefree treatment for you and your patients. In addition, the super-homogeneous laser spot of the PowerLine handpieces creates a particularly effective treatment basis and achieves optimal results.

The AlexStar® DUO was designed for maximum efficiency: The two-handpiece port system ensures an optimal workflow. It enables the connection of different handpieces to one unit, so that there are no waiting times when exchanging the desired handpieces.

All features combined in a futuristic, elegant design reflect the highest professionalism in use. Two further handpieces, Monolith ALX and Monolith YAG, from the famous Monolith series, complete the all-encompassing technology concept of the AlexStar® DUO.


10.1″ LCD touch screen with easy-to-use interface

With a 10.1″ LCD touch screen, the AlexStar® DUO offers a modern user interface for pleasant use in everyday practice life. The touchscreen is highly responsive and allows intuitive use for any user. Designed for beginners as well as laser experts, the interface guides through the menu of the AlexStar® DUO by means of clearly understandable symbols.

Multifunctional trolley

More storage space, free hands, more capacity for treatment. With its aesthetic trolley design, the AlexStar® DUO is a pioneer among laser systems. It offers enough space for your accessories in two storage compartments and appears in the elegant design of a practical table system.

Faster, technical service

The AlexStar® DUO can be serviced online – for quick assistance that makes the service time most efficient. The Shockwatch sensor present on all handpieces guarantees optimal control and fast error analysis. Thanks to a revolutionary mechanism, the system can also be repaired much faster on site.

About Asclepion

Since 1977, Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leading company in international medical laser technology. Asclepion owes its success to the constant development of new techniques. This has made it an outstanding company in the optical industry. The award as TOP100 of the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany is the proof. Today, more than 70 countries trust in Asclepion’s “Made in Germany” technology and experience. Asclepion has achieved this outstanding position in the market by creating a unique quotation system that ensures the success of distributors and doctors. The leadership in service that Asclepion has built over the years brings many positive effects – both for its customers, partners and for patients.

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