Future Light company for medical equipment & technologies is considered one of the most prominent Iraqi companies in the field of Aesthetic and medical equipment supplies from 2012 to the present day.

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We are Asclepion Laser Technologies

Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader on the international medical laser market since 1977. Its ongoing success, thanks to the constant development of new techniques, have made Asclepion one of the most qualified companies in the entire optics industry worldwide. The TOP 100 award for the most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany stands testament to this claim. Today, customers in more than 70 countries

In 1960, the American physicist Theodore Maiman introduced the laser. It was first used for dermatological treatment in 1964 – and has been successful since, removing tattoos, hair, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. But lasers have also become indispensable for the effective treatment of medical conditions such as certain types of haemangioma,

an area of application where they cannot be replaced by any other form of therapy. Asclepion has specialised in aesthetic medicine and surgery since its founding and is a leader in the international medical laser technology market with its in-house products, including diode, Er:YAG, Nano, Pico, CO2, holmium and thulium lasers.

As a high-tech company, we consider it our duty to meet the highest standards in quality management. The company is certified according to ISO 13485 and meets the requirements of the European medical device directive 93/42/EEC, Appendix II.


AlexStar® DUO – Premium hair removal

AlexStar® DUO – Premium hair removal Two wavelengths – one target. The AlexStar® DUO combines the wavelengths 760 nm and 1060 nm for optimal results. Fast, precise, powerful.Available from Q3 2023 in the Middle East.
PowerLine handpieces, 10.1" LCD touch screen, Two-handpiece port system, Practical & modern trolley, Highly efficient 360° skin cooling, Sapphire glass protector.

The new definition of top quality – AlexStar® DUO The AlexStar® DUO is one of the most powerful diode lasers on the market. It’s the mix that does it: The highest power with the shortest pulses offers highly efficient treatment options with maximum comfort for your patients.

PowerLine – best performance for you The “PowerLine” handpiece series offers you the best in every single way imaginable: from the basic technology to the ergonomic design, no wishes are left unfulfilled. Different modes, automatic cooling and much more make the PowerLine what it is: an extremely powerful handpiece series for optimal results in every treatment.


BodyLab with innovative FMS technology

The BodyLab uses FMS technology and is designed for body shaping. The muscles are stimulated with supramaximal contractions and metabolism and fat loss are activated.
Modern & practical design, Treatment without therapist, Innovative FMS technology, Two handpieces can be used simultaneously, Preset programmes, Ultra-sharp 10.4” LCD touchscreen.

Technology that works. The BodyLab is a body sculpting system that uses innovative FMS (Focused Magnetic Stimulation) technology. The patient’s muscles are stimulated with supramaximal contractions (up to 2.5 Tesla), which strongly stimulates metabolism and fat reduction. Thus, the BodyLab acts in a wide range of body regions and reduces localised fat. With the BodyLab treatment, muscles can be significantly enlarged and more sculpted, and posture can be improved – in just a few sessions.

Two handpieces for the whole bodyTwo pads are available for treatment with the BodyLab, effective for the abdomen, buttocks, hips, legs and arms.


Dermablate State-of-the-Art Er:YAG Laser

The Dermablate® has an innovative design and revolutionary technologies in all areas. The system has been developed from scratch, starting from the power adapter, incorporating the cooling, handpieces, user guide and foot pedal. This is innovation “Made in Germany”.
Power and speed, The Dermablate® is the most modern Er:YAG laser with maximum power and speed. For you,

Dermablate® design Not only technically good and ergonomically sensible, but also aesthetically pleasing and proportionally balanced

One Port Multiple handpieces: The Dermablate® offers handpieces designed from scratch. The ergonomic design and light weight provides physicians with an uncomplicated instrument for daily work. With specially developed optics and connections for integrated smoke evacuation, they are the perfect tools for the daily work of every user.


EpiLab – different wavelengths optimised for professional use

The EpiLab has been optimised for fast, low-pain treatment that can be used at any time of year. The system is suitable for all body areas and skin types – even for lightly tanned skin. It works on all hair colours except grey or red hair.
Technology & performance The EpiLab uses the most advanced technology on the market today for hair removal: a high-power diode laser with a unique combination of wavelengths. These and many other features make the EpiLab the ideal entry into the laser epilation market.

One laser – numerous handpieces: The new, lightweight and ergonomic handpieces set new standards in aesthetic laser medicine and ensure maximum stability. The specially developed technology, design and treatment concept with 360° contact skin cooling as well as exclusively selected materials enable long-lasting use with maximum safety. There is a suitable solution for every need and thanks to the two-handpiece port system there are numerous combination options.


MEDIOSTAR - Welcome to a new world

Developed from scratch, the modular MeDioStar® offers more of everything. More performance, more precision, more flexibility and better service.
Ultimate power and effectiveness We give new meaning to the word efficiency – our powerful laser ensures MeDioStar® is synonymous with high power and the shortest impulses.

The new intuitive interface The user is guided through the menu in simple steps by means of clearly understandable icons. Thanks to touch operation and clear design, Wireless footswitch: Our wireless footswitch with Bluetooth connection is convenient, safe and modern. It can be conveniently and functionally stowed in a holder directly on the device when needed – for optimal transport. A stable Bluetooth connection guarantees smooth operation. The LED display for battery and connection status makes work safe and predictable.

New MeDioStar® design Not only technically good and ergonomically sensible, but also aesthetically pleasing and proportionally balanced – this is how our new MeDioStar® presents itself.


NanoStar® the most advanced Q-Switch laser family on the market.

The NanoStar® product family offers a modern design and uses the well-known Q-Switched technology. The highest category, the NanoStar® C MT, is a true revolution – thanks to its three wavelengths and innovative mixed technology. The different wavelengths can be used individually, consecutively or simultaneously, ensuring a high degree of flexibility in clinical treatment. This underlines how unique the device is and enables effective treatments, not only for multicolour tattoos and pigmented lesions, but also for rejuvenation procedures.

3 Wavelengths – 6 Handpieces: The NanoStar® family is offered with a variety of different flat-top and fractionated handpieces. The OPTIBEAM II technology was developed for this handpiece series. The handpieces guarantee a flat-top beam profile that distributes the laser energy homogeneously over the treatment area. The handpieces are available in square and round fractional spot sizes.


PicoStar A new Star is born.

The PicoStar® has a state-of-the-art design and uses the latest PICO laser technology. With Asclepion’s high-tech system, it is now possible to produce laser beams with a pulse duration of less than 300 picoseconds. Thanks to the ultra-short pulses, the tattoo can be fragmented into much smaller particles than with a nano laser, ensuring a gentler treatment and faster removal of pigments through the lymphatic system.

PicoStar – best results in a short time The PicoStar® offers the latest laser technology in a modern design. Accessories and handpieces: The PicoStar® offers handpieces developed from scratch. The ergonomic design, low weight and specially developed optics provide physicians with the perfect tools for their daily work.


QuadroStarPRO Family

The products of the QuadroStarPRO family offer a comprehensive treatment spectrum. Depending on the wavelength, different indications can be treated. You choose the QuadroStarPRO with green, yellow or infrared wavelength according to your needs. The small, lightweight and portable systems guarantee easy operation, optimal results and maximum flexibility.

Flexibility and power: The QuadroStarPRO family offers a variety of laser sources to choose from, comes in a modern design, provides maximum power and can be used in a wide range of specialist fields. Flexibility and power The QuadroStarPRO family offers a variety of laser sources to choose from, comes in a modern design, provides maximum power and can be used in a wide range of specialist fields.


VascuStar® DYE the Innovation in Dye Lasers

The VascuStar® DYE is one of the most innovative dye lasers on the market. With its revolutionary RightLight™ technology, it is suitable for numerous dermatological treatments. Through this special technology, the device absorbs the pulsed light from the lamp and re-emits it into specific wavelengths. From indications such as psoriasis or warts to pigmentation disorders and skin rejuvenation treatments, the VascuStar® DYE is the right choice for the practice and clinic.

Technology & performance The wavelength of the VascuStar® DYE, 595 nm, is ideal for treating a wide range of skin problems. It is optimally absorbed by haemoglobin and acts selectively on the area to be treated for particularly high protection of the surrounding skin structure. The VascuStar® DYE is versatile. For medical-aesthetic indications such as port-wine stains (PWS), extensive vascular malformations and superficial pigment spots, the system is just as good a choice as for psoriasis, warts or scars.

One laser – many handpiecesThe VascuStar® DYE is equipped with four additional handpieces. They range from a spot size of 5 to 12 mm. This spectrum allows the user to achieve ideal results in different treatment areas for a wide variety of applications – for maximum flexibility in just one device.

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